New Arrival

To our friends, family and supporters;

We wanted you to be the first to have details of the birth of our son Clément. This will be a short post because Clément is generally a good and calm baby… as long as you do exactly what he wants you to do. That doesn’t leave us a lot of time for anything other than feeding, changing and cuddling!

Clément being warmed up in the intensive care unit after birth. Already on good form and smiling at daddy.

He was born quite a long way away from Rosières in Lyon, at a specialist at-risk pregnancy unit (many of you will be familiar with our history of recurrent pregnancy loss) and they were absolutely amazing. The labour was complicated and long and we were away from home for two weeks, but the staff at the hospital made sure we felt safe and well-informed at every stage. Not only were they incredibly professional and fast-acting in a crisis (of which there was more than one) but they were very kind. With limited French, and being separated from the baby (and Marc) for several hours while emergency procedures were carried out on both of them, Amy never felt lost or out of control as there was always somebody slowly and carefully explaining everything to her as it happened. We’ll never forget those faces and their kindness.

Resting in the hospital. Always looking around him!

We are now back home in Rosières and loving every moment with little Clément. He is delightfully alert and good natured and we’ve already been able to take him out on some little excursions up the mountain – well wrapped up of course!

Clément the Explorer

Clément is fully recovered from the birth but Amy is still struggling a little physically so we may be quiet online for a while. Rest assured we’re still here and actually looking forward to getting back into some of the renovation projects.

For now though we want to spend our time gazing and cooing at our gorgeous little miracle a while longer.

Now we are Three

129 thoughts on “New Arrival

  1. Oh Lordy! Come and see us next time! we are about 45 minutes drive from Comox. PLEASE dont think that you have to reply all the time…cos I know how busy you all are. We live in Nanaimo…orignally from the UK> I am so looking forward to catching up with you all on the show. Keep well and happy…and lots of cuddling for your baby and the rest of the family there.. (birds, hubby, cat(s). I told hubby that if we win the lottery (some chance of that!) we will fly first class and stay at the Chateau.xx

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    1. Thinking about it I think where I stayed was just by Nanaimo – I have a poor memory! But if you ever meet anyone with the surname Guthrie round your way, chances are I know them! Fingers crossed for the lottery!!! X


      1. I will certainly remember the name Guthrie…and I my ears will prick up if I hear that name! As you probably remember this area is lovely….lots of beach walks. I do miss the gorgeous landscapes of the UK though. Hope you 3 are well… I am hoping Escape to the Chateau will return to our TV in April. I guess a season has ended. I have found all the seasons on Youtube so we will have a binge night one of these nights.
        Take care of each other….
        Gillan and hubby Paul
        ps No lottery win yet….


  2. Congratulations to you both He’s gorgeous. Hope you all have a good rest but looking forward to seeing you again on tv. So amazed at what you both do. Now when he’s a little older Clement can join in too. God bless you all.

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  3. So happy for you, I love watching you on the TV I would love to be able to sign up for your newsletter if possible. He is the most adorable little boy. I love his name too.


  4. Your little boy is beautiful (he definitely has his dad’s “twinkly” eyes!!!!
    I hope you are feeling much recovered now and enjoying time as a family, it’s not the best time with everything that is going on in the world at present but at least it gives you the “excuse” to spend plenty of time as a family (every cloud has a silver lining).
    I can empathise with how “scary” you must have felt at times as my daughter had multiple losses (including emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy) but finally gave birth to our beautiful granddaughter three years ago (a true miracle) , every child is precious but some are extra precious!!!!
    Loving the current series especially seeing the cafe finished !
    Take care and enjoy every moment as a family.


  5. Many congratulations on your beautiful baby, after discovering the tv programme in the UK whilst on lock down I wanted to check in on the new arrival. Hoping you are all doing well x


  6. Your little Clement is just awesome, glad he arrived safely, that’s the hardest job you will ever have to do. Don’t rush into any heavy work at the moment,take it easy for a while. Keep safe and well.x


    1. Thank you Paula! It wasn’t easy but life is completely wonderful now with him. I’m very gradually upping my work but only gently. Happily I’m allowed back on the digger now though! X


  7. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy Clement,enjoy every special moment with him before you have to get back to work on the Chateau – wishing you all every happiness


  8. Oh my goodness he looks exactly like his dad! The most amazing adventure you will ever go on together. All good wishes and congratulations to you both from an old lady in England.


  9. Congratulations to you both. Your new addition is so handsome. Been watching you during lockdown. Now we want to visit in 2021! Looking forward to seeing the Peacock shower complete. Best to you all.


  10. Amy and Marc, you are such a lovely couple and now you have your wonderful little boy. Take time to enjoy some precious moments together. I have only just found your website and look forward to hearing all your news in the future. Take care of each other.


  11. Clement just like his Dad so happy for you both love watching you on TV will Clement be going you both in the new series Best wishes
    Suzanne McWilliams


  12. Congratulations to you both, although as I am writing this, little Clement has already marked his first birthday. I am a newcomer to Escape to the Chateau, so am catching up with all the adventures. I thoroughly enjoy “a little bit of France” from here in Sydney, Australia and love the bond that you both have. Tous mes voeux. Roslyn. xxxxx


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