Youtube! And a very Happy Christmas to you all

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We know that this has been an extraordinarily difficult year for so many people and we want to thank you so much for your support. For us it has been a real mixture – significant challenges for our business, and utter joy in our personal lives.

Our gorgeous little boy Clement delights and teaches us every day, and we couldn’t be happier. Seeing the world through his fresh, wondering eyes is a real tonic and his laughter brings light into any dark days. We’re so looking forward to our first Christmas with him and although sad that more of his family can’t be here, but at least we are healthy and together and in our own home.

Clement in the Santa outfit that his doting grandma sent. His Christmas present is a giant, soft octopus, but shh, don’t tell him

Our business has suffered though, as have so many others. The renovations have been delayed, all of our first bookings were cancelled, and it looks to stay difficult for a long time. HOWEVER. When life throws a curve ball it gives you a chance to reassess your priorities, learn new skills, and challenge yourselves to innovate. Our big news, therefore, is that we have decided to commit a decent amount of time to filming our family’s chateau restoration journey and sharing it with you on YouTube. Not only do we enjoy showing you what we’ve been up to, but we hope that it could become a vital source of income for us. We also hope that it can bring a little bit of jolliness into peoples’ lives in these dark times.

What can you expect from our YouTube channel? Well as you know we rarely take ourselves very seriously, and we fully expect the videos to have quite a daft side. But it will also very authentically reflect our daily lives – we don’t believe in presenting only the clean, polished and beautiful images of much online content, but in showing who we really are and what we do every day – down, dirty and real. We will introduce you to the history of the chateau, show you our renovations, our daily routines, our excursions and fun, our animals and birds… You name it – nothing is off limits. If you have anything you’re particularly interested in seeing then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and make suggestions. I’m sure there will be time to show everything!

And so it is, with great pride and some relief, that we present to you the trailer for our new YouTube Channel – The Chronicles of Rosieres.

Well we hope you enjoyed that! Please, please subscribe to the channel so that you are notified of new videos. It would also be absolutely wonderful if you could send the trailer to everybody that you think might be interested and ask them to subscribe too. A good start to this YouTube adventure would be the best Christmas present that we could receive, because acquiring and learning to use all of the technology involved in filming and editing has been a long and difficult process for us (teaching an old dog new tricks and all that), and doing it alongside a young baby has proved at times almost impossible.

And the great news is that you won’t have to wait long for the first episode, which will be released on Christmas Day. I don’t want to reveal too much but the level of engineering that went into our Christmas Tree has never been seen before and will (hopefully) never be seen again.

This is the snow from November 2019, but this year we are forecast snow from Christmas Day and about ten days afterwards!

Like many of you, we have family members who are ill and/or alone this Christmas. Our thoughts are with all of you. If watching our videos or reading our silly social media posts make you smile then we consider it a job well done! Please comment on things and write to us – we love to hear from you, and to know who’s interested in our lives and who’s part of our wider Rosieres family. And although we’re going to prioritise family time on Christmas Day, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be checking in with you online too, because this year we all need to be there for each other.

Wishing you all a peaceful, healthy and happy Christmas and a much improved New Year!

Lots of Love,

Amy, Marc and Clement x

2 thoughts on “Youtube! And a very Happy Christmas to you all

  1. Hellooooo! You guys have been truly missed! Clement is a beautiful little man and a ray of sunshine to all! So looking forward to seeing you again. As we hope will Dick and Angel too. Xx

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