A Week in the Life of a Medieval Chateau

Dear all,

As Spring burst in upon us this week at Rosières, we had a rather crazy idea to do a vlog a day for a week. We’d been posting vlogs on YouTube in a rather haphazard way since before Christmas, but I was always frustrated that we had a bottleneck at the editing stage so we weren’t showing people enough of our exciting projects. This week is going to be something of a baptism of fire for me, but my editing is already down from twenty hours an episode to five! We’re really enjoying the chance to introduce everybody to our lives here in more depth.

The vlogs are only lightly edited and follow the often random unfolding of our days. They’re gentle, and I worried they might be boring, but we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive responses that we’ve received so far. Apparently people are particularly keen on the Dr Dolittle vibe! There’s a real mix of topics – from the repair of an antique water pump, to saving a rabbit’s life… Our lives are nothing if not varied! And of course there are always Marc’s terrible puns.

There are two episodes up now – you can click here to watch the first. If you enjoy this, it would be wonderful if you could subscribe (and click the little bell sign to receive notifications). We enjoy doing these vlogs and we really hope that they will be a success, as they could prove to be a vital source of income when all other has fallen away (please watch the ads if you have time – it makes a real difference!)

Warmest Wishes to you and your families,

Amy, Marc and Clement

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