Making handmade tiles from scratch for the entire château

Imagine having 14 bathrooms and four kitchens to build and decorate. Amy decides to tackle them by learning to make her own tiles by hand, from scratch. Follow the journey on YouTube

Interview with the French Heritage Society

Hello all – we hope that you’re well. It’s been a very wet spring and start to the summer here but we’re actually quite grateful for this as it means that our vegetable garden doesn’t need watering and the forest is staying lush and green for once! Renovations continue apace, and we are still documentingContinue reading “Interview with the French Heritage Society”

A Week in the Life of a Medieval Chateau

Dear all, As Spring burst in upon us this week at Rosières, we had a rather crazy idea to do a vlog a day for a week. We’d been posting vlogs on YouTube in a rather haphazard way since before Christmas, but I was always frustrated that we had a bottleneck at the editing stageContinue reading “A Week in the Life of a Medieval Chateau”