Interview with the French Heritage Society

Hello all – we hope that you’re well. It’s been a very wet spring and start to the summer here but we’re actually quite grateful for this as it means that our vegetable garden doesn’t need watering and the forest is staying lush and green for once! Renovations continue apace, and we are still documenting them on YouTube, albeit a little less frequently than we’d hoped, due to time constraints.

We were recently interviewed by the French Heritage Society, which is a charity based in the United States that supports French heritage both in the US and France. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about the wider vision that we have for our project, and to be perhaps a little serious for a while! We covered a huge amount of ground with them and have been very pleased with the response from those that attended.

The talk has now been put online, without the final Q&A. It has three sections. Firstly a history of the estate and buildings, then a discussion of what inspires and drives our sustainable approach to the estate (a mixture of modern technology and an 18th century agronomist) and finally the excitement and challenges of restoring a building that has multiple building phases from over 600 years – sometimes in the same room!

It’s available here if you are interested in watching

8 thoughts on “Interview with the French Heritage Society

  1. I really enjoyed that it was fascinating. You really do suit the project you seem made for each other. I’ve watched a lot of escape to the chateau and particularly enjoyed the details of your journey but this has fgiven so much more detail about what you have and what you want to achieve. I wish you all the very best and look forward to following your progress.

  2. One hour wasn’t long enough. There is so much history to your Chateau. I would love to hear more in your vlogs.

  3. Very informative! I have such dreams and have accomplished most. You are amazing, life is short and you have accomplished so much.

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